Miramar Reservoir: Ducking Out

Candice likes ducks. She had made me a nice stuffed "horsay!" a long while ago, and right afterwards I thought I'd take some pictures of ducks at Miramar Lake for her to enjoy. The park itself shores up against the areas largest freshwater bank, which undergoes a multiple step process to convert it from ported rainwater into delicious tap fancy. The first step in the refining process is to remove the waves. This filter reduces wave contamination which would otherwise stir stormy baths and upset tummies.

A nice duck for Candice.

The main road around the lake is paved and polluted with bikers, skaters, and pedestrians. A dirt path skirts around much of the waterfront grasses.

When water hits the desert.

A duck on a landing ramp.

Fat palm trees and tall palm trees find equal living opportunities off the beaten path.

A fishing bench.

Some nonpoisonous leaves.

Palm fronds...duh.

No eating today, poor seagull.

Little squirrels linger in the rocks.

A whole family of squirrelings.

This isn't precisely duckish, but it has cool inflatable feet.

Another duck for Candice.

A walking duck for Candice.

A female duck for Candice.

A baby duck for Candice.

A mother duck and her baby duck for Candice.

The father duck for Candice.

Several seagulls waiting for the "no fishing" sign to come down.

How to fly.