Visiting Tim's Apartment with kids

Visiting Dayton is an experience not unlike ironing. Driving through neighborhoods the first time last year with Deb, visiting family and Dayton sites she knew well, there were mental wrinkles over the whole landscape. What town did Tom live in? Who was Uncle Tom's kids? What did Krista do for living? This trip then was to help know things down flat. After visiting most all of Deb's aunts and uncle in the Westendorf clan, we finally got a peak at Tim's pad. Stylistically minimalist and precise with each article, it's how I would decorate my place should I ever shake my collegiate futon and file cabinet endtables. Becca and Will and Jen came to visit, and easily stole the show. I think this is Becca's best smile that wasn't torqued tight and wound with a key.

Will and his scary monster hand implants.

Oh dear...and she's possessed again.

Will withdrew to his placid place playing video games on the large Samsung tv.

Level up, man.

It took quite a bit for us to keep will from gnawing on the remote, burning the couch, and soiling the walls. Good thing he's potty trained.