Deb's House

Coke and prayers: the Hirt clan knows how to get into the real Christmas spirit.

I forget his name. Deb teetered her whole family tree in my holiday mind. It balanced for a few days when I could recall all 50 people and their relations. Now, it's tucked away the ornaments and angels. Still, he rocked. I really liked his hat and craft.

Everybody sing!

This may commemorate the day Jesus was born, but the real star was Becca. She waits all year to don her Mary outfit. Everybody gets a kick out of it.

Singing with all you've got.

Mary waits her turn to help blow out the Jesus candles.

Happy Birthday!

Mrs. Hirt loves to see the whole gang together...from the Dakotas, Alaska, and even California.

Will anyone volunteer to play Joseph with Becca? Anyone? Please? Will you? YES!

Will volunteered to be the manger Jedi that would slaughter the 3 Kings if they didn't bring gifts.

Mary coordinates her own pregnancy.

Jesus is here. Just in time.