Lee Family Christmas

Christmas will never be the same after this holiday, and it was still hard to consider it one. Still, even terrible reasons to come to together warrant a good time. I finally got to wear my favorite sweater.

April and Eric.

Cousin Joe will no longer be in Texas. In fact, by now he's probably back in Columbus. Ladies, look out.

Trisha is enjoying college life with her sister.

Candice too close.

Eric has that look in his eye. Maybe April sees romance, but it looks pyro-prone to me.

Poker face. I won.

Cousin Katrina and my favorite Aunt Jean... all the smarties unite.

More Masons growing up so fast.

Aunt Jean's cooking! I know Candice, I know.

Wow, OK. I'm not sure how April feels about Aunt Jean's cooking, but I think she's possessed.

Katrina needed a drink after surviving in DC for months.

Dad doesn't approve.