Mom's House

April get's excited for Christmas at mom's house.

Mom looks very studious in her reading glasses. Christmas isn't the time for's all about skills with fingertips. Opening presents with our teeth was banned when I received a bag of rocks one year and almost chipped a tooth.

Delicately, like a guitar-master tugs at the strings of his blues, I create a masterpiece unweaving paper and wrapper. Christmas is now an art form.

Mom ponders her approach. A hush falls over the crowd.

Vinegar, duct tape, milk jugs...this was a recipe book unlike the others in her kitchen.

April got me a pretty cool mask. Someday, it'd be perfect to have the kitchen faucet water come out of it's mouth straight from the wall, but in the meantime it'll sit perfectly over the sink.

April liked her jacket.

Candice collects stars, for all of those Candice fans out there. Her new place this fall is going to be pretty nice.

Candice also got a knitting bag to put all of her yarn and needles and stuffed animals in-progress.

...and then she realized it came with sleeves to hold her yawn while she knits. Best thing ever.

April liked her cool shades.

Mom smells nice.

Ooo. What could be in the box?

A glasses holder!

Happy Christmas.

The ultimate reference in sauces is now mine...all mine!

April exercises her surprise face to prepare for...

...the good book itself. The jungle book!

I think that's Candice's happy face.

Parker got fresh tennis balls. They have that new-ball taste.

Now if April had only made the "good" list, she would've gotten gloves with finger tips.