Deb's Sushi Birthday Party

After a bustling holiday season, everyone at Deb's house came back fried. Fried from traveling. Fried from intense family. Fried from guilty gift returns. Thus it was only fitting for Deb's birthday to have the complete opposite of fried food for her party: sushi! I knew where to find some asian groceries, Katie knew where to find some fresh fish, and Christina had some technique doing this before. Doesn't she look like a pro?

The secret to rolling your own sushi is... a secret. I can't tell you! It involves zen-like concentration, a ninja-like physique, and sumo-like undies. Too bad nobody else saw it my way.

This was the sharpest knife on the block. Not to split hairs, but it could.

Katie whipped up some tofu.

Nina invented the chipotle-burrito roll. It is one of the first over-stuffed sushi rolls made in the area.

Deb aimed for a California roll. Although I think she only made it as far as Chula Vista, it still counts as California.

Not bad for her first shot.

A sushi explosion titled "the french underwater nuke".

The real novelty of the party were two octopus tentacles I caught. They were already boiled, ready for bedding on a rice pillow once sliced thin. Not everyone wanted a taste, and kept at least a meter away at all times.

If that doesn't scream delicious, I need a better camera.

Slicing and dicing, I actually only ended up using one of the legs. It proved to be plenty for all of us.

Nina and Christina indulging in some saki.

All of essential sushi condiments. If bears had wasabi and soy sauce for their raw salmon, they'd eat enough to hibernate two years at a time. I know we did.

For being raw fish, the sushi was well-done.

Nina, the toastmaster...

...that still needs to work on her follow-through post-drink saki face.

A pretty sushi. Most likely, a Christina masterpiece.

Deb's birthday was a time to bring the housemates together, and while together finally deliver the gifts in the white-elephant exchange they planned a month ago. What did Nina get!?

Oh! Of course! The poo-pooing reindeer!

Katie used her german prowess for quality to ensure that the reindeer was actually capable of poo-pooing.

Katie and some creams.

Caroline digging into her gift.

An exquisite knob.

Christina tearing into colored paper like an incontinent puppy.

Dress up!


Christina got her laughs. Renne Surprise!

How a reindeer can retain such a smile while being fondled, violated, and relieved is more than anyone could handle.

No caption necessary.

As the candles burnt down into waxy and frosted embers, we all sat around the table telling stories, drinking alcohol, in mirth, celebrating the holiday, and Deb's birth.