Gifted: Candice and April

There comes a time when we're all very gifted. Sometimes more gifted than our good. After Christmas this year we couldn't open another present. We couldn't even unwrap a Hershey kiss: we just ate them whole and hoped the foil would flush. Honestly, though, we did want to get one decent picture of us to update the high school shots we had lying around the house. I thought the marina would be a good setting for some photos before the sun sat too low, so while the girls got their faces ready, I played with the camera outside.

Unfortunately, I picked an unflattering sweatshirt and jeans. Nice stubble though.

Both Candice and April slid in out of nowhere with fancy outfits. Granted, they wore jeans, but with nice tops that worked very well as an accidentally fashionable outfit they'd never admit to in public.

In the middle of winter in Ohio, we had to move quick or freeze. Candice brought gloves, although April was convinced there was room for two in there.

What started off as simple portraits turned into fledged glamor shots. The tail of the wind-blown look settled for the pair of them...they did pretty well staring into the sun.

I probably could've worn something dressier. Still...the three of us are there: it's becoming an increasingly rare event.

The marina wasn't actually a bad setting for pictures. Granted, there wasn't green trees or snow caps, but if people can find beauty in the empty desert, I'm allowed to shoot in the patient interlude of a deciduous winter.

Although not an ideal hideaway for this late in the evening, I still consider this one of my better compositions. Oh yea, and the girls did a nice job modeling too. More wind-blown look.

The boat dock proved to be too reminiscent of a fashion runway for April...

...although no one realized it was a fashion runway for the legally insane. Happy face! Happy face!

This is going to act as the cover for our second bluegrass album: Hopin', Wadin', and Joshin'. Candice plays Hope, the guitar-slung singer who plays harmonica between verses. I play Wade, the banjo man. April performs the rhythm section in a variety of snickers, giggles, and honking laughs. She also performs funny faces while on tour, earning her the name "Joshin'".

Cold water and the other side of the lake. Hang in there, trees.

One of April's better smiles, with good backlighting. Good reason to invest in a reflecting pad.

Candice and April haven't had much recent experience as models. Sure they are model sisters for all other sisters I may have, but the vaseline smiles from TV take some conditioning and a proper warm up. First, they have to fix their shoes...

...then, April has to scratch her fleas. Candice gets into character as the older sister before wits end..., April has to pick, um, her, model face...

...before hitting the big smile.

Throw in one Lucas, and there's the siblings sittingly nicely in the back seat of the from bickering, fighting, and "looking at me!".

I think April got lost in her hair, and was trying to dig out like a puppy from a blanket; or maybe Godzilla from the ocean's depths!

Word to your mother. They're not cold, they're chill.

We tried to explain to her that being "fresh" in urban jive had a totally different meaning.

Apparently we're a family that likes to smell things.

For once, April gets to be the middle child and Candice the tallest.

I still don't understand how I lost hide-and-seek.

April and I pretend to be bunnies.

April looks all growed up.

What separates glamor shots from traditional portraits is that at some point the cameraman has to shout "work it, baby" in a British accent. Then, funny angles and posing ensues. What's funny is that some of these actually came out nice: considering all of the silliness that went on.

Working the camera with her cosmo face.

April and her killer smile. I don't mean killer as in amazing, but rather killer whale with all of the teeth and tongue. If I were a seal, I'd be scared. She bites, and don't let her tell you otherwise.

There stands a new woman.

It was fun, taking pictures. Now we're cold. We're going back inside now. Done taking pictures. Candice is going to find her keys in her purse under her sunglasses, and we'll drive less than a mile back to the house, toss our shoes next to the door, and ebb up throughout the house with fun stories. This is all you get to see. It was nice of you to visit, and see the pictures. Thank you and goodnight.

Encore? Encore? Who beckons for an encore on a web page? OK, fine. Here's one last shot of Candice before we hopped in the car. Enjoy it.