Ricki Huff Charters the West

Lots of spring blossoms and green from the recent rains.

Don't fight it. Deeply register those pollen-nosed beauties.

A California quail whistling against the oceans.


So many visitors at the lookout this year.

A very sardonic sign... not that I would know anything about being sardonic.

...cue the backdrop...

...and a frustrated director. More pelican! We need more pelican!

Ocean, view. View, ocean. You two are now introduced.

We stopped at the cemetery on our way out to do some light birdwatching. Sadly, you don't see nearly as many red-necked loons as you see in Ohio. Particularly southern Ohio. Late-night. In tank-tops and crushed beer cans. One displaced tooth. It's slow but hooting mating call, which many birders closely mirror by saying the phrase "I'm soooo drunk". We didn't find any at the cemetery either.

Outlets from the heat on an olive wall.

After a tepid morning birding and hiking, we needed a good, Californian lunch to relax. Ricki called my sardonic bluff and ultimately we did end up driving to a Ethiopian diner. Below is a 12 dish combination including the lamb, beef, and vegetable varieties. Add some Ethiopian beer to the injera and we were blatantly satisfied by the end.

A carnivorous bird of prey.

The giving tree, so long as you ask for shade.

Mrs. Potter sings a lullaby.

Some selections of earth for purchase.

A colorful corridor.

Me on the infected plates teeming with nuclear glowing bacteria. Maybe artists painted them there, but they do feel squishy against bare feet, followed by a burning and itching sensation, and lastly a morbid loss of toe and ankle.

Glasswork in the small.

Almost seussical, these massive headdresses would make the perfect gift for the clown-fearing nephew who needs a new nightmare.

An artsy plant beneath a sill.

Many shades of green and succulent.

Apparently, I didn't count as a bird sighting. What? No beak jokes? No bird-sitting jokes? I'm disappointed...

Oh you, being sardonic.

A rather eclectic man had a pair of rare, gold-breasted flamingos. They get their color by eating only the blue and yellow M&Ms native to latin america.

A furry flamingo holder.

Taking a peak down the ravine.

Tree roots extending down the hill. It was fun for Ricki to come out and visit. Be on the lookout for our new electronic birding device.