Fancy Picture Time

Over Christmas, Candice, April, and I took some glamor shots in the freezing cold. I still have to put those online, but it's safe to say that even for sisters, they looked pretty damn good. I didn't exactly put in the same effort to dress up in the Ohio cold, so although mom and grandma now have nice/new pictures of the girls in their early 20s, I opted out of my Christmas glamor shot, promising to send one that was better. What better way to play with the new lens? On the night before, I ironed my favorite shirt, got a haircut and shave, and got plenty of beauty sleep.

At Deb's house, waiting for her to powder her face.

One of the first, which actually ended up as the 8x10 I sent to family. We can finally update those senior pictures with the bowl haircut.

All style, baby.

Doing some role modeling. This is my birthday surprise face when receiving Legos. My eyes were considerably wider when receiving my banjo for Christmas the year before.

Very crisp shot. Deb had a thankfully steady hand while the sun hid behind the clouds.

The over-the-shoulder-recognizing-the-ax-murderer look.

Love me, gently.

Wow, I look amazing.

Although Deb's backyard is a backyard in La Jolla, CA, we had to try some down on the coast for the ultimate picture. I was scoping out some locations down the trail at the glider port.

Yawn. Looking good is hard work.

Sandy cliffs in the background.