Desert Blossoms Sprung

Spring in the desert is a rare spectacle beyond beige, brown, and bleh. Surprisingly enough, buried beneath the sand and sandwinders are wildflower seeds just waiting to soak up the winter storms. Cacti do well too, often erupting a year's worth of placidity into a waxy marvel of plumage. Acres of wildflowers though are the key draw to the desert garden in Anza-Borrego each spring, and this spring more than others with the good rainfall we've had relative to recent years. Near the visitors center, we got a map and a glimmering prospect of the jewels that wait.

The park service folk are very kind to not only provide a map of the park, but also highlight areas that are currently blooming like an onion outback. Near a lemon grove in the background, acres of primrose, those in purple, and desert lily, those in white, said hello.

I stomp you! You are not as pretty.

Breathing in that fresh mountain air. Pollen, dust, was too much nature attacking me to toke.

Sinuses recoiling in fear.

The trees for the forest, here's a closeup of a desert lily.

The little bells of a primrose with their 5 petals outstretched.

Desert no more, it's a plant party.

More little white flowers. Consult your local library to find out what they are.

Yellow flowers intermingled.

Closeup of more lilies.

This is what happens to lemon groves without water. A broken piece of rusted car shows what happens to cars with water.

Lemons apparently do grow on trees. Its hard to say, though, as far as lemon trees go, if this was a high quality harvest, or if in fact they were just lemons.

Voluptuous lemon boobs.

The proverbial family picture for the scrapbook. Mom hunched behind the camera, man and boy braving nature conquered prime. Hear me roar.

Driving down a separate field filled with the gold petals, crowds tipped their tanks to empty for a field worth traipsing.

The gold flowers.

One flower to rule them all.

Plagued by unintentional disease? Ask your doctor if prescription drugs may be right for you. Side effects may include nausea, puppies, or anal leakage.

The dance of the marigold fairy.


I am now cured from unintentional disease. Thank you prescription drug!

Not bad for a field in the desert.

A plant-high view.

One last look before the winding roads back home.