Model Trains and Winter Greens

Recent rainfall has been generous to San Diego this year. Already, desert brush and grasses are sprinting upwards, leaving a train of plant beneath. And while the desert mountains now stand soaked, frothing with greenery and a sense of life as so collected in small pools and hidden waterfalls, the city continues. Cars travel and people travel. Goods are shipped. The rail system spins its wheels along tracks that any carnivore would salivate over. Its no surprise then that this photo was taken in San Diego, except when qualified that is all handmade scenery at the model railroad museum in Balboa Park.

Despite the meticulous detail crafted into minor paths, fenceposts, and even cattle, the escape sequence shot on top of this train wouldn't pass for today's Hollywood standards. Mini-moo.

Back outside from the model train museum, a small girl hurled leaves singularly into the pond.

Witnesses to the leaf hurling.

Like flowers in a cage, I.

Plants running wild.

Other people like plants too.

Breathe in deeply...freshly made oxygen abound.

Flowers in a fern-cast shadow.

Palm seeds.

Woody and pointy and rocky and sunny.

Epiphytes camping on a branch.

Close people getting closer.