First Shots of 2008

On New Years, 2008, it began to snow.

Earlier than Christmas, I rose before the sun, and set to my paces before the morning light could catch up. Many times I've taken this picture, though never at this hour.

Unmarked roads carry a loose bridle of 50 miles per hour. Ever since we hid the 25 MPH sign that fell in our yard, traffic has instilled a heady saunter for anyone on the wrong side of the ditch. Still, these are our neighbors to the north. I can't say I know much about them, other than their fence was in fact electric before it decided to go picket.

A two-tone morning rolled over the ravine.

Morning, trees.

Looking into Auburn marsh.

Paved in snow.

This is one of the few times you are allowed to look directly into the sun.

Dad's house.

Stretching my morning legs, there had to be more of Auburn I saw through long, cold car rides. Again, firing exhaust in the garage as I parted into the cast snow. Old Washington.

A pocket of full of field.

A stable on Taylor-May.

Stock red barn.

One of the larger barns on the southern side of Taylor-May.

Some farmers keep a narrow treeline between crops. This was narrow...although I don't think it separated crops. One of my wintry favorites.

Where Christmas tree orphans grow up.

Fallen snow that didn't finish falling.

Two posts in an otherwise empty room.

Barbed wire to keep the gray clouds out.

Overlooking the corner to Snyder road.

Private property that includes a covered bridge.

No swinging today.