Torrey Pines

Took a hike with Barry through Torrey Pines to enjoy the warm fall weather. We took the deluxe tour, which included every possible path through the ocean overlook. You can even see some of the famous Torrey Pines below.

Much of the higher ground was sculpted by the ocean hundreds of feet below. Faults pushed up cliffs and the ocean helped keep the beach at sea level. Good job ocean.

A majority of the park's trails enforce a strict meandering up and down the coast to the beach or overlooks. The left goes down to the land, the right, the view.

A view.

A good look the ocean's work over many years. Maybe even before Barry.

Down to the beach.

Some impressive rock structures carved out on the sand.

Beach shadows on a beached whale. OK, no whale. But there were anemones in the tide pools.

The hike up high. La Jolla is the stretch of land leaking out onto the horizon.

Looking down the cliff akin to etched bark from an old tree.

People. Shadows. Reflections.