Downtown San Diego, A Stroll.

I have never been to Little Italy in San Diego. I've seen the signs before, though. Apparently, today was the day. Although I didn't take the tracks into town, there is a stop not a block from where I parked.

The Little Italy stop on it's way downtown.

Ben-Hur Coffee was a marketing attempt by Italien coffee makers to combat Juan Valdez's popularity. Sadly, it takes more than a horse and man to push a morning cup.

Rusted rotating neon.

The door to an art collective.

I walked the full length of India Street, which carries most of Little Italy's traffic. Christmas lights and a glass building that doesn't quite lay flat. I'm in one of the reflections, too.

Quite an office view.

Downtown from the Italian eye.

Che Bella is a boutique just off the drag.

Hipster admiring a fountain.

One of the local bread-winners.

Date Street.

From Little Italy, I walked along the boardwalk. There is a modest private fishing line that still sweeps the ocean.

The fishing boat Alaska.

A seagull on a shop.

While some street performers dressed up as pirates or statues, performed tricks or crafts, this was...different. He balanced rocks. Unique.

I'm not sure if the kites were being sold or rented or just used. In the small park beneath the shops that extends deeper into the bay, several large and unique kites carried wind and smiles to those who passed.

Honestly, he was pretty amazing with the 4-stringed stunt kite. I actually saw him lay it down, and bring it back up. It then would roll over and beg.

Fish kite.

A spinning kite.

Some colored leaves: a rare site in San Diego.

Two by two, forklifts lined up behind the convention center.

A bus.

The southern gaslamp entrance to the shops and restaurants.

Some of San Diego.

A wicked motorcycle that was built into a huge bicycle frame.

More window reflections.

Even more window reflections.

Chains protected the bank after hours, except for a cutout access to the ATM.

A flock circling the first intersection.

More fun with reflections as the sun dipped down. Just a nice stroll through town...nothing fancy.