Cabrillo National Monument

Santa Ana winds can be a welcomed change. Rather than blowing the San Diego smog into the eastern mountains, it blows it far out to sea. Meanwhile, we are left with some of the clearest skies possible. They come and go, much like the wind does, so it wasn't until dropped Deborah off at her place did I notice how clear it was. When it is this clear, there's only one place to go: the place with the view. Cabrillo National Monument was only a short drive from the view overlooking eastern La Jolla.

The view consists of a few basic elements. First, the city of San Diego. Also, a good look over the bay and Coronado peninsula.

A trailer in a lot overlooking Mexican mountains.

Nice of the bay to be here.

Welcome to the visitor center.

Overlooking the Cabrillo statue and Mexican waters.

Reader, the city. City, the reader. You two are now introduced.

Boats making the turn into ocean waters.

I don't know. I think he was there talking about period pieces from when San Diego was first founded. That's a pirate look in his eye.

Coronado behind a family's perfect picture.


Looking into the window of the visitor center, looking in, looking out.

In the name of Spain.

As much of southern california as I could cram in my lens.

Caabrillo also has a lighthouse at the peak. White picket fences and white wispy clouds today.

Not bad place to work a light house. The specks left on the horizon are the Mexican islands, typically rare to discern through the haze.

The whole thing.

Flora on the cliff.

A short hike down the cliff side.

Nice day for a walk.

Paradise near the water's edge.

The water's edge.

Boats of all sizes.

Even planes out to stretch their wings.

Rolling countryside.

The view north, towards Sorrento Valley over the boat docks.