Victoria's Garden Pumpkin Patch

Deb heard about a pumpkin patch out in Lakeside. After a good drive into the mountains, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did actually feel like a conventional patch. Peeping through the fence.

The giant pumpkin!

Many large and tumorous shaped pumpkins.

Weird acorn looking gourds the size of large softballs.

Dwarf pumpkins.

Many different shapes and colors to choose from. Also, just enough hay to flair allergies. Wonderful!

Pumpkins and pony rides.

Artsy pumpkin.

Very festive with the gourds, dried corn, and ceramic features.

mmmpony rides.

The entire farm area had a running grill, homegrown vegetables, tractor rides, and inflatable jumpies. Clearly a kid's day, we had a good time being reminded of our Ohio roots.

Hay ponies.


The pumpkin patch itself was pretty big, and extended farther right and back.

I always was a sucker for a girl in overalls. However, I soon found out she didn't have a brain. I also found out that she stuffed her chest to fill it out. Uncool.

Luscious lips.

Another scarecrow holding down the bales.

U-pick. Nice colors.

On a careful watch, he never blinked.

Some of the pumpkins were actually laid out in strawberry patches.

The feeling of autumn.

Shhhh. He can hear you.

The tractor ride.

The farm also had oodles of petting animals. Llamas, pigs, sheep, and emus. Although they were very fast nodding and prodding for food, I managed to catch a decent profile.

Emus bite.

Obviously, the llamas were more fun to feed. Llama, llama, llama. Emu, emu, emu.