San Diego Zoo

Being an experienced Zoophile, Saturdays in October are not a typical time for me to visit. The hours are short, and with free admission for kids all 31 days, the people exceed the surface area to view the animals. Still, we picked our paths carefully and managed to sneak up on a few darling critters. Remember, Deb likes her cute and cuddlies. This small wallaby was resting. He looks almost like a bunny.

Nearby, it was feeding time for the meercats. The keeper had a few canisters of worms, and the meercats were all too aware.

Preparing for the next squirmer.

Feed us, we're adorable.


Waiting patiently for the worm.

Happily fed meercats.

Someone wanted meercat dessert.

The warthog was napping. Nothing fun here.

Another wallaby. Australian bunnies that really hop.

Camel, with spit.

Well! I never.

The rest of the critter I met face-to-face.