Mexican Wetland Tour

Nina puts on a tour every so often as part of her work at the estuary. Although the tour is guided to help influence local politicians to rethink US and Mexican water planning, today it was full of students and me. After the bumpy ride through Tijuana and the bumpier ride through the canyon, we came upon the small town that would be the first to demonstrate a road surface that would help reduce erosion. My first picture in Mexico.

Children playing like they don't here.

For just pennies a day.

Part of my open door series that I'll be collecting at some point.

Being nice.

After the town in Tijuana, we drove along the border to the city of Tecate. Tecate is known for many things... but beer trumps all of the rest. We stopped at the brewery for a free drink, but not without mild guilt. We learned that for every can of beer, 100 liters of water is used. Sadly, this water is dumped back into the stream, and, though safe, is depleted of oxygen. Thus no life can grow anymore downstream. Still, the beer for being Tecate was the best I'd had. Although the can labels read Imported Beer, it was so fresh that it hadn't yet even been exported!

A nice lunch with the tour peoples and Oscar, our tour guide. We miss Omar, our first tour guide until Deb was corrected.

Mexican metalwork.

This was the first I had met of Albert. He wore a visor akin to a welding mask. He also had quite a number of stories to tell. Here he was, checking out the border literature.