Summer Vacation Day 3, KY

Today was a long, slow goodbye to blue grass, the family, the great commonwealth of Kentucky. Cleaning up the cabin, I offered to fetch the life preservers from the boat.

The boat... I still hadn't quite managed to get the life jackets out yet.

The long walk back to the cabin would precede a tearful goodbye and a long drive to Nashville, and ultimately Atlanta where the rest of my vacation would endure. There was plenty of room in the car for anyone who wanted to tag along...

The road to the lake is most winding and ridiculously fun to drive. Whipping around turns, braking into hairpins, and gunning the stretches typically abused my truck to all ends. Driving the Hirt wagon, though, I kept to the safer side and even paused, or slowed, to take a few shots that I'll now miss.

To Nashville, and beyond!