Summer Vacation Day 1, KY

Quite a lot goes into a successful vacation. Typically, grueling months of work and school knot muscles, organs, and thoughts of better days. Vacation, then, is the act of unwinding and untying, until you're laying flat on an inner tube for hours on a lake. After the ubersuccessful anniversary party the day before, today we were bound for the water. April and Eric hung out at the cabin for most of the day, but Candice, Ryan and I set down for the floats. Other people had already tested the water that morning.

Candice floats!

Although later there would be alligators involved in the vacation, this one kept to itself. It's fake, on the dock.

Other folk stirring the pot on their pontoon. The regular stream of boats meant waves for us motorless floaters.

While Candice and Ryan held down the lake in the floats, I dangled off the dock and watched the boaters pass. This kid wiped out, and got a face-full of water. Riding a wake is like riding a horse though...

...if you fall off, just get back up and hang on...

...and it's up, up, and away!

Le lac.

Uncle John is selling his speed boat, soon. In the meantime, he's graduated to a party boat.

A very old personal watercraft...the kind that looked more like water scooters than modern seadoos. This guy put his legs on the handlebars and gave birth to a runaway vacuum cleaner.

Candice wasn't quite burnt yet. Stay out there a few more hours!

After some fun trying to stand on the raft, I ultimately succumbed to vacation.

Fun with waves! Fun with waves!

Candice and Ryan at the dock. This wasn't the first time Ryan's tongue fell out of her mouth.

The grownups being grownups.

April crashed on the hammock.

Grandma warned what would happen if this went online. I'm looking forward to seeing her too.

Mom was finally relaxing after days of party prep. Her kids were causing trouble, somewhere.

Candice now on dry land...looking a little red around the eyes.

There is an eye in Candice...

...oh wait, there's two!

Ryan's one normal picture. Well, let's not discuss normal and someone who gets excited discovering her own body parts...