New York Again Day 3

Although it was very depressing to be couped up in a hotel room in downtown Manhattan working on my paper, I was somehow able to accept it as an experience being in New York, just accepting the bustle and excitement that drives the city nonstop. Day 3 though, I managed to sneak out to the park again. However, not without several city blocks to traverse. Even the dogs were looking forward to the park.

Up behind the bandshell.

While the park was relaxing, it didn't have power outlets. I ventured along 5th avenue until I finally found the New York library. On the 3rd floor in the back is a magnificent reading room that is laptop friendly with power cables and wireless. Again, I was the only PC-based individual on the whole block.

That night marked the end of the conference, so I headed to Leslie's work where we'd head to Brooklyn together after her shift. Her view from the 10th floor.

Where big ideas blossom in good lighting.

Where the bad ideas go.

At some places kids have a very hard time seeing out windows. In other places, there's something to climb on. This was the ladder.