New York Again Day 1

It was a long flight and a late night by the time I arrived at the Best Western just off of 5th avenue in Manhattan. Just a block from Times Square, unfortunately, not for fun. This was a work trip in every sense. Although my days would be occupied at the Interphex 2007 pharma conference, my nights and waking hours would be spent compiling the ultimate research exam ever developed. Surely, this document would change the very foundations of man...

It was quite a walk to the convention center. Wandering right along the edge of Hell's Kitchen to the conference, there was a flavor and restaurants I didn't see anywhere else in the city. From a building, a good reflection. I'm noticing a trend towards stoplights in New York in many of my photos. Odd.

Figuring that I had to do something touristy for at least one meal, i had to go to the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant right off of the big square. The table-tennis paddles for the drink menus were a clever touch.

After a long day at the conference, I packed up my laptop and notes and headed for the trees in Central Park. A girl played soccer as part of a youth game.

Across the softball parks, the buildings loom close, but never closer.

A jazz saxophonist played near the bandshell in the Mall, so I sat and typed away to a free concert. Not surprisingly, many others whipped out their Macintosh laptops and headphones while the sax played live. So much is lost in digital. Meanwhile, this is what I looked forward to:

Grass...trees...a nice cool breeze. Spring was starting to bud.

Pigeon, shadow, and sliver of bench.

Places to park it in the park.

A girl played on the bench while her mom sat for a breather. This was just moments before the police arrested me for photographing children...

...but then this squirrel caused a distraction and i broke free from the handcuffs, hid behind a bush, and escaped. A pretty crisp shot of the squirrel doing it's thing.

The park is good for anything.

Only recently, I've remembered there's more to an SLR than pointing and shooting. Setting it up for a quicker shutter speed and higher ISO, I was able to snap some of the skaters whipping around. Nice balance.

Then this was part of a series in a pirouette. Surprisingly, about half of the skaters wore classic skates.

The fountain with water down by the water's edge.

Said water's edge.

Worse than a shark, or an alligator, the rowers were startled to find New York rats could swim! With vengeance!

A violinist and a guitarist played a duet under the bridge. The stairs were littered with pensive locals.

These were no strangers to good duets, nor being trendy performers.

My favorite of the trip, right before the riff.


After stretching my legs walking around, I decided it was getting too chilly to work outside in just a t-shirt, so I began the long walk back to the hotel to continue working. This guy still had plenty of time to play yet.


This was a completely blind shot while walking.

He never had a chance.

Outdoor volleyball. How they play without sand is beyond the comprehension of a Californian.

Lost visions of being washed in the sink.

Plenty of room for 2. Actually, they could probably squeeze one more on the blanket as well, but didn't respond when I asked. Even nicely. With sugar.

The valley between skyscrapers.

As the sun nestled between the alleys and reflection, black buildings with white windows and white buildings with black windows. No verb necessary.