San Diego Zoo

I could think of no better way to flaunt my freedom from school and research than to taunt and prod the animals incarcerated at the zoo. However, its not hard to see that they still have the better life though. After all, who else can get away with pink on pink in this fashion season?

Today was about monkeys, mostly. Wide-eyed and soaking up the cool Sunday air, I think this one was just happy to see people.

What...there's people!?

This monkey just liked toes.

He then turned to the other monkey. Do you like toes too?

Other monkeys altogether, these didn't have the giant metal "trees" like the others. Instead, this was a more natural habitat although much lower in focus. This monkey just finished a ricochet off the fallen limb.

That's some collar.

This little guy was gnawing at the foliage; first picking up a twig to see if it was a carrot, or perhaps a warm stick of Raman soup...

...oh please be Raman. Bug-flavored Raman...

Looking so natural in his little habitat.

Rummaging for seconds.

You just can't say no to those eyes. Oh yes monkey friend, I'll give you my wallet.

OK OK! Here's my keys too!

I just don't understand bird feet. Bird legs either. Bird feathers are nice. Bird beak is pretty too.

Aside from the grass that got in the way, this rare shot of the hippopotamus out of water makes it really hard to believe that this tankard can really charge 30 mph over 100 yards. Maybe on a tractor trailer, or roller skates, or Fantasia.

I did have to take pictures of the otters for Deb. She gets very excited over small rodents.

Simply adorable with whiskers.

Just before taking the plunge, the otters bury their heads into the water and claw away until their body catches up...

...once underwater though, they keep most of their paws inline as subtle rudders while occasionally padding the bottom on the bottom. Close call here. Use the horn, fella.

Up for air.

The bear on the right had its legs and lower body completely shaved. Actually, it was awkward to see, so for those with a weak heart, I'm not posting them. If you want to see a bare bear, we'll need a credit card number to verify your age for adult content.

Still, those are some mighty claws.

The other bear leaned over and complained about all of the landscaping work that wasn't getting done today while basking in the heat. The dishes would just have to wait, too.

Oh yes, those dishes will just have to wait, my friend.

Obviously, those are the dishes down there. Piling high as an unsightly mound of Sunday chores...

Unsightly? Look up! Look away! No dishes! Yay!