Dad California Visit 2, Day 3

Dad spent the better part of our downtime in San Diego working on his GPS PDA which took a turn to the WTF. He did manage to get it all working though by Monday morning:

Early, Monday morning:

Although we had to take a token trip to the beach, some additional information is required to determine which beach in particular. Renee wanted to see some surfers, so PB seemed a good choice as they can often be found just north of the Crystal Pier. After a hearty breakfast at the Broken Yolk, we walked out onto the pier to get a better look at this odd species of Californian:

However, even with the persisting clouds and medium chop, a few surfers managed to hang

...all while steering without handlebars...

...cutting right up the edge of the wave...

...and wipe out:

These young sisters had some sass. The foreground version had moves for hip hop, while the older had a runway saunter. Their parents were proud:

What would sisters be without some friendly provoking?

Back to the waves, he managed to catch a small delta that fizzled quickly.

So, this guy knew what he was doing, and lucky for him, so did I. The following are all from one continuous shoot as he passed the pier:

Gaining speed low to the base of the wave, let this surfer be called fishmeat:

Fishmeat gets surrounded by breaks without brakes:

Fishmeat earns his name:

The rest of the talent weren't able to catch much other than a faceful of shore:

Faucets on the pier:

Becoming one with the wave:

Dad saw some dolphins off the pier, so we all hurried down:

The sea gull kept an eye out for whales and sharks:

While watching the dolphins play in small groups, it was very sporadic to catch them performing something interesting. When a large wave passed, we saw a few of them swim in the actual wave until it crashed. Just before the crest hit, the dolphins would turn about the jump out from behind the back of the wave. Creatures of pattern, I was ready the second time I saw two of them both with the rising crest:

The close specs are dolphins. Far specs are surfers. La Jolla above:

The dolphins and the surfers were eating all of the good catches today:


Renee was surprised that they allowed cars to drive and park on the wooden pier that gave some way to the massive waves underfoot. This truck didn't mind:

There was hoards of seashit strewn on the shore as we touched down onto the sand:

Renee liked solid ground:

The bubbling sea:

Clouds were starting to part towards the west, but the morning sun didn't have a chance:

Renee saw something in the water. Dad went to check it out. The ocean tried to claim him when he discovered it was just a rock. Quick feet kept them dry:

A very long strand of seashit:

Seashit on sand:

Modern art and seashit:

A seashit necklace:


Those crazy beachside dwellers have everything, including modern surf art, a monkey, and a gothic crucifixion:


Dad needed swim shorts for the rest of his trip, and more Hawaiian shirts. How can you truly be on vacation with enough Hawaiian prints?

Water, rules, and fish:

While Dad and Renee stopped for some water, this tiny plant was nary thirsty with the rigorous sprinkling it received:

Dad on a Segway:

We all stopped for some healthy shoe shopping before Souplantation. Dad and Renee packed and headed off into the desert to catch up with her dad. Too bad they had to leave so soon, but there will always be time for more trips. The security mirror in the shoe store: