Dad California Visit 2, Day 1

Dad and Renee came to town as part of a world tour from San Diego to Palm Desert to the mighty Vegas. Although an interesting night of sushi and beer with Barry made the headlines, we did have some daylight after their late arrival to check out the glider port. Obviously, it would be cloudy all weekend as they somehow managed to defy the laws of meteorology and airport security by bringing Ohio weather with them to the sunny coast. A good breeze though kept this paraglider above the dirt and out of the clouds:

Who would want to come down from such a view?

With the recent trend towards paragliding both for maintenance and transportation, classic hang glider folk have a hard time merging with traffic. This guy waited for a very long while near the runway before carrying his craft back to the parking lot. Maybe he was just there for the look:

Cruising around with a strong updraft:

Not a bad day after all: