Ocean Beach - Mission Breakfast - Torrey Pines Glider Port - La Jolla Cove

Having been busy lately working at Biosite and UCSD, relaxation is not a cheap vacation. Something has to give, so Deb and I have taken a few light trips around town to get away for a few hours. The little things, if you will, fill in the gaps between the daily drum of work and intense adventures that pop up every so often.

Take this handy surfer, for instance. He also pops up only every so often:

The surfer above did happen to catch a break just south of Ocean Beach pier. The northern side of the longest pier on the west coast overlooks mission beach, pacific beach, and even much of La Jolla on the horizon:

A long look down the pier, OB brings the trendy and the not-so-trendy outdoors to stretch. Into which bucket would this couple fall?

The Californian thing as you can tell begins with excessive sunshine and sunglasses. Palm trees and lots of waves build the typical public spectacle:

At the "end" of the pier is fork to head north or, conversely, south. Once, this building served as the border patrol for the famous civil pier war of 1992. The south wanted states rights and the north wanted a smoke. In the end, it was discovered that most of the pier was just homeless vagabonds and small-talk fisherman, with no war at all. Thus the border regressed to ruins. This is all that remains:

A man thanked me for taking a picture of his jewelry collection. At least I thought it was jewelry: they just as well could have been fishing lures when the squid and mackerel bait won't lure:

Where there is a slope, people will slide down it. Take some of the great slopes in history: the ski slope, the sled hill, the soapbox derby, and the Californian wave. These guys chose the coldest of the four:

In any slope sliding, inevitably the fall isn't as graceful as a couple in a style bucket. Whereas others "eat dirt" or "bite it" when they fall, I don't believe the center guy is actually supposed to eat the wave as it passes. Innocent bystander 1 and innocent bystander 2 both watched in amazement:

All three said surfers waved goodbye to their break:

Sunshine and turbulent water definitely contribute to the California thing, although fly wheels are a universal staple to the west coast. Chicks dig his...well...thing... because it has wheels:

Fashion also happens: sometimes incidentally. This man was attacked by an outfit laden with rabies. I do like the pants though: and the hat:

I also like snacks. Hodad's makes some tasty burgers. They also have wheels:

The following weekend Deb and I crept downtown Sunday morning for some breakfast. Originally pining for English bangers, we set our course towards cinnamon toast unlike any imagined. This Lincoln apparently acts as jewelry transportation: and was a very official seeming transport:

Shot while driving, Deb thought it was funny:

We stopped at the Mission brunch bistro and walked the block to pass our 30-minute wait. This truck has a rust spot on the door:

Rust protects a window. Another cracked:

This really isn't Californian at all. But actually, that MAKES it Californian. Dude, that's deep:


Lifestyles and accents are also key. The apartments across the street mirror the insides and outs for living in the city:

The Mission: a party for two:

This dog had issues. Although her ears would perk at every cooing stranger, her tail and hindquarters dragged almost as low as her head when someone would reach down to pet her. Ears would perk back up when they left:

Lots of lines:

This is the second breakfast course. We opened with an appetizer of cinnamon toast with fruit. The best we had ever tasted. The rest of breakfast wasn't bad either:

Sometimes Deb isn't very opaque; or translucent. I always lose when we play hide-and-go-seek at the breakfast table:

She wasn't anywhere to be found:

Not even around the junk heap next to the restaurant:

Then we found out she went for a wash, and was actually with me the whole time. The reason we couldn't see her was that these outfits were too loud, and that coordinating orange flower earring led to thirty-seven different violations of Californian fashion codes:

While some travel loudly, as above, others drop in with the passing breeze. Later, near the glider port, I stopped for a breath while Deb readied her running gear. Some people float the updraft on paragliders:

Others wait their turn on a hang glider:

Even bicycles are built for two. This tandem paraglider flight gives another meaning to backseat driver:

His wife was pulling his strings all morning:

Actually, it was a parachute stitched into a lift-friendly wing called a paraglider:

Southbound paraglider traffic on the coast:

As with any Californian thing, style is the most important part of transportation. While others remain seated with all arms and legs inside the harness at all times, others consider paragliding an edge-of-your-seat adventure:

Even others lead the seat back for some classic low-riding:

Had the winds swept them south enough, they would've landed here in La Jolla cove. Deb donned her jogging attire, and I amassed research papers and a folding chair. The cove on the northern vista:

The cove is also a wildlife preserve. Pelicans need homes too:

Traffic is always a problem in southern California with growing communities and limited throughways. Even in the cove, rowers wait for municipal works to sort through their traffic nightmares:

Flight; I like it:

Just before landing:

The pelicans do quite a number on the small cliffs. Painting the cove white bite one at a time:

Lots of pelicans down below share with seagulls and other friends:

Other friends include elephant squirrels:

The cove also serves as a fainting couch for under-oxidized seals.

Actually, it was resting time in the early afternoon. This seal pup couldn't seem to get any rest:

The breakwall originally served to create a protected swimming area for small children until the seals took over. Since then, visitors are restricted to a rope fence on the left edge so not to disturb the sea folk:

An artsy picture. Admit it:

The most androgynous creature at the cove that day:

This couple is immobilized by the waning afternoon:

Nor will this mother take credit for the father launching their first newborn by the legs:

Boys and gulls at the cove:

A girl gull, not gurgle:

Among other things Californian, this is the San Diego branch of the proverbial ugly tree: the flora from which ugly people come. Obviously Californians are prettier than most other state residents evidenced by the fewer ugly branches for the ugly people to hit on their fall from grace compared to the ugly willow and oak trees back east:

Each ugly branch on the ugly tree will still leave more than a beauty mark: this is meant to do some serious cosmetic damage: