San Diego Zoo

Sunday for most is a day of rest. For the rest of us, Deb and I do school work. A productive morning led to a short walk through the zoo, which happened to be on the way home from Deb's coffee bar meeting. The children's zoo has some bunnies that enjoy a good petting, so we walked that way. We didn't expect to find a tiger roaming about:

The camera is worth the money:

However, I don't have a lens that makes a goat look good. It still looks like a goat:

Notice how goats have lizard eyes that have been rotated horizontally. Deb says they aren't very soft, either:

Ick, goat eyes:

Now otters are Deb's favorite. This playful chap was just as excited to see people as we were to see an otter:

Deb says it looks like it's trying to take a crap:

While it flopped on its back and wiggled around to scratch its bum on the rock, Deb howled laughing:

What to do after the itch has been scratched? Ponder, ponder, ponder…


The merecat leaning up against a rock peeked upwards as I leaned in:

The lizards, however, did not move as I peeked over the top of their enclosure:

This guy caught a bug. I doubt he'll see a doctor to get rid of it:

While waiting for the seal and sometimes otter show:

These people are definitely waiting for fun...

...and by fun I mean a hawk known as the wolf of the sky! It is shown here in the mantle position, whereby it fans out its tail and broods its arms over the food to protect the meal from other scavengers. In the wild, mantling is often preceded by dismantling: that is, dismantling a small bunny into claw marks and kibble:

Like father, like son. Like father, like son:

A bus got lost at the end of a cul-de-sac