San Diego Zoo

The zoo never gets old.

Today was just a short run through the lesser animals I forget to appreciate. I gave each 15 minutes to do something impressive, and many answered the call. It took almost 15 minutes for this tortoise to raise its front leg, but the smile came near instantaneously (for tortoise time, that is):

In the foreground is the rare African blurry-lizard:

Camouflage is SO 1990's:

This is my new desktop wallpaper:

Looking closer at the guy, the textures towards his body looked very smooth, but became more rigid down the tail:

27 percent of all American have at least one under-inflated tire. 32 percent of all zoos have at least one under-inflated tortoise:

Quorum has not yet been reached in the scientific community whether the snub-nosed crocodile in fact has "sufficiently many" teeth...

...these turtles, located in the same display as the crocodiles, would vote yes, or whatever the crocodiles wanted them to vote:

After a long day of travel, this tortoise returned the service garage for snow-treads and oil change:

The most darling merecat. Oh yes you are, oh yes you are:

I'd be happy too to be a tapir in the zoo... the camera now, give me shy, give me internal turmoil:

...this is the true inner turmoil a tapir faces daily with a semi-limp proboscis:

Although she looks camel-esque, this lass has no humps:

A lesser-flamingo only stands a couple feet high:

Still, they have quite an impressive wingspan:

Caught with a drop of water sliding down its beak:

The otters were not as playful today in the warm February sun:

The baby monkeys, however, are always in the mood to play:

Particularly frolicking; super-monkey!

Getting ready for another drive, the monkey bounced off the branch, the walls, other monkeys, etc...

During the few moments between chaos, the little monkey palm and fingers look so human...

Out of water and depending on the person, the hippo also looks so human...

Leaving the zoo, the Broadway Circus had set up shop in a neighboring parking lot. Thirty dollars for a front-row seat however was a bit steep when the zoo is free for me: