Deb's House Christmas

Christmas in Dayton is truly the heart of the true spirit. After all, they pretty much invented the holiday being widely considered as God's country east of the Mississippi. Deb and I had a quiet gift exchange where she received an action bunny and necklace and I was introduced to my banjo. The real gift though was playing with Becca and Will: the niece and nephew Deb's sister Jen provided. This is Will, he doesn't bite… hard:

He's a clever boy, that Will. He nose how to be funny:

This is the little angel called Becca. Her halo is somewhere in there…

Becca likes birthday parties. In fact, after she blew our her imaginary flames on the candles, she held many, many birthday parties with the nativity scene dolls to celebrate the baby Jesus:

But first, she had to sing a song. Deb's mom, Ann, helped carry the tune while Will and Lady check out the scene:

Just outside of Deb's house is a spacious field. A Target lingers off to the right as commercialism slowly takes over the countryside:

Becca took Lady for a walk. The first rule is to establish dominance:

Will had his sunglasses. He was the coolest kid on the block. However, he also had pink eye, and pink, despite being the new black, clashed with his optimistic motif:

Becca had a song. It was almost as painful as pink eye:

Aw, that wasn't nice:

I'm sorry, Becca. I didn't mean it. Just trying to be as cute as you are:

Will has his runway model moves down pat. This one, called The Falling Eclipse, won him best stage model 2004 as he dramatically removes his sunglasses for a piercing stare: just like a passing eclipse, does:

Will ate some sidewalk while running ahead with Becca. After dusting off the shock, holding Deb's hand would bring a smile to anyone's face:

Becca was also styling in her own glasses:

We all headed back to the house for a rousing game of lightsabers. However, kitty in the backyard strung the kids along to the side lot:

Next was swing time. These were just too easy. Who remembered that playing took such hard concentration?

Becca definitely has playing down to a casual art:

Will with his Fortune 500 smile:

Becca with her lottery smile:

Smiles like this don't come cheap. You need a nice December day, a rusty old swing set and a good push:

Will found Mary:

Deb brought out the foam floaties turned lightsabers. Will is quite the Star Wars fan and has studied four different martial forms of the jedi. Here is the barrage I had to endure while trying to run backwards and defend myself:

Ann and Becca returned from a stroll around the block. How Becca fit in the chair to begin with, none of us knew. However, it did take us a good few minutes and complex geometries to steer her free of the stroller:

What a way to round out the 2006 holiday. Thanks again for all of that famous Hirt hospitality.