Dad's House Christmas

Christmas with family kept strong as the party moved to dad's house. Newly installed carpets and insulated walls kept the holiday spirit warm and toasty inside, although there wasn't any snow. Still, Echo was happy just to smell people:

After April unwrapped her first present, I couldn't just let a perfectly good bow go to waste:

Dad got a mouse. He was a good boy this year while his power washer waited patiently outside:

Renee likes to dip, things:

April sports her new football jersey while tearing into some shelves for her booger collection. Actually I don't remember what that present was, maybe her iPod Nano:

Candice loves sweatshirts that are neither grey nor red. Here, a heavy brown hoodie is happy to have a new home:

April, with old, younger April in the background:

When Mrs. Price is around, Renee's mom, everyone is in for a good time:

Garlic seasonings make any food better...

...particularly when combined with the BIG DADDY GRILL KIT!

April was not enthused:

Wayne, or Wayniel, Kristen's toy of three years now stopped by for some gifts too:

Linux!? An operating system! Posh!

Again, Candice smelling things that are leather...

...Renee just isn't into the leather smelling thing...

...But April does. Tee-hee-hee!

Renee finally got Scrooged! To explain: my first present I opened that night was a rusted faucet that included a note similar to the above. Christmas at Dad's starts with someone at random picking a random gift under the tree and delivering it to the target person. That person then opens his or her present and then selects a present under the tree for someone else and acts as deliverer. Thus it repeats. However, there was a new twist this year as each person had one Scrooge present waiting for them. Inside, hidden just as any other present, was some crap lying around the basement while Dad was wrapping. The item was just filler though, as the person was instructed to lose a turn and proceed to pass a different present to someone else. Everyone got a turn losing a turn, although it taxed Renee the most, as she anticipated everything she opened to be her trump. Hilariously, it was one of her last ones:

Just wait until next Christmas...

Although not made of leather, Candice enjoyed her scarf because it was warm and a shade of leather brown:

Who knew the effect one bag of deluxe whole macadamia nuts could have on a soul: