Mom's House Christmas

Christmas at the end of a good year just can never go bad. A fresh batch of cookies waiting for me in the van, a frame with adorable me waiting on my pillow: these are quality sisters. Take Candice:

and April:

Yes Christmas is about family, but presents are fun too. Tearing into a small corner:

Then reading a hint of the label:

And full blown LEGO! This is the face of a happy boy:

For a bigger smile, you just add a bigger toy:

Candice approves:

and unwraps her very own pink top:

Candice and I watch out while mom open's something cool:

This would be most aptly classified as the face of a pasta maker:

April grants peace on earth:

Parker did not receive the edible stuffed baby he wrote Santa:

Mom gets a gym membership. Careful or she will bench you in a few months:

Candice is also frightened when tiptoed tulips turn to fingernails on the chalkboard:

Now, one theme this Christmas is the smell of leather. Leather objects have a specific smell, and Candice is first to acknowledge this fact with her nose firmly pressed against her leather belt buckle or leather clad flask. As a proven scientific method to determine leather content, this sniff can be applied to any other Christmas present. April received unmentionables for Christmas, and applied the leather sniff to join in the fun before stowing the items back in their box. Not everyone was able to see the gift in adequate lighting, but encore presentations were denied. After all why would anyone want to see someone's new bloomers? Well, I pointed out that perhaps this may be the last time anyone would see them without tread-marks. The moment:

(obviously this was taken in good humor. No animals, feelings or undergarments were hurt in this joke)

You too can look like this by eating a good, healthy breakfast everyday:

After a great Christmas, we all needed a bowl of nutrition. April lead the way: