San Diego Zoo

Monkeys are at the zoo, too.

This guy shows how incredibly flexible they are. The question is not whether he is able to touch his toes, but rather, having actually seen monkey toes and a lack of anti-bacterial soaps, why would he want to?

A much better idea for a monkey day is to sleep it off:

An e-orangutan passes time on the net:

Orangutans are creatures of patience, timing, and assessment. This one illustrates how to effectively descend from a material high-rise. First, assess the beam's strength by jumping around on it..., determine a safe landing place free of hazards and predators...

...slowly weight from the beam to the cable, making sure to look both way for oncoming monkeys...

...enjoy the slide with both arms fully outstretched and landing gear at the ready:

Little orangutan wasn't taking notes:

While during his sentence at the public zoo, this orangutan has changed his wicked ways. His ideal is to speak no evil, and neither hear nor see no evil approaching from the right...

...this inmate EATS evil:

The eyes of a delicate female:

Clyde could use a shave:

Every family has that crazy second-aunt who pulls your cheeks and throws poop:

Gorillas, now, are a more sophisticated family. The alpha sat highest among the family to keep a watchful eye for the pizza guy:

Baby goes for a ride:

Pondering deep gorilla thoughts...

...he finally discovers the cause of global warming, and worse yet, the fact he is powerless to the world ending in three weeks:

Baby still enjoys the ride:

Alpha male descends to keep the peace among the children:

Sitting in gorilla "time-out":

A typical friendly blue bird:

A coked-out blue bird that eats paint chips and swears in French:

Ducks have nothing funny or silly about them: