San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is for the birds. It is also for the bears, the boars, the camels, etc. Today, Deb and I touched on all of the above, starting with an aviary housing the zoos larger birds. Way up high in the trees, these birds had built large nests to watch the crowds below:

The bird on the left is a white hornbill. It uses its shovel-shaped bill for scooping dirt to find bugs beneath. It also uses its bill to fight crime. The bird on the right uses its bill for crime:

The birds of prey each have their own, spacious enclosures up a major hill. This fiend would wait for the opportunity to pounce, or the bird equivalent of pouncing:

They each were beautifully attentive:

This is an eagle. Eagles are voracious hunters. Soft against the colored foliage in the background, it drew a very large crowd as it sat but inches from the fence...

...apparently to showcase its latest prey. Now, some might speak out against this as inhumane...

...but remember, this isn't human. It's an eagle: an eagle with a fro.

On a softer note, this duck was reorganizing her feathers when a prospective male duck asked her out on a date. She also had to shampoo her head, all week, so maybe some other time:

The polar bears drew in a large crowd. The air conditioners can be seen in the far left that provide the arctic air necessary to keep the beasts cool:

Who wouldn't want a boar for a pet?

This bird must have been a Pittsburg fan in a previous life:

The warthog made sure that the grassy patch had learned its lesson to stay put:

The zoo works hard to constantly innovate exhibits to house new species. Here we see a mature cement mixer nervously sniffing the air as it become accustomed to its new home:

Koalas bundle up for the evening:

Even parking signs put on indigenous hats to keep warm when the sun sets: