Open Turkey Surgery

Yes it may be true that Barry is still working on his doctorate degree, but the word doctorate is more than just a semantic concatenation of "doctor" and "ate". He didn't quite get this message. An otherwise healthy turkey dropped by his office for a routine checkup when Barry decided to perform open turkey surgery.

His lovely assistant, the Illustrious Mrs. Franca, prepared all of the fixings for the crazy organ transplant that Barry proposed for his turkey patient. He'd replace the stomach with stuffing, the heart with vegetables, and where feathers once coated the fine bird he would fetch an entire boat of gravy.

The operation table looked incredible. I particularly liked the wine glasses. Very classy.

This is a mad scientist at work.

Unfortunately, he lost his patient before we even sat down. He'd likely face a lengthy legal battle and scathing media attention, so we all helped to eat the evidence. It was a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.