April and Eric Try Getting Married

This is Eric's personal wolf pack. This is the loyal order of the boot. This is the stein club for men. Hide your women and your daughters because -- well, wait. Don't hide April because we only exist to hitch Eric and April without a hitch. Photos from the rehearsal dinner with family and new family.

Less talky. More drinky.

Jon and Eric have a secret.

April is very happy with her new catch. Hopefully she won't have him stuffed and mounted on a wall.

April, Dad, and Renee.

Renee and Kristen.

April and Dad.

Dad and Renee.

Obviously we also need one of April and Kristen.

Candice and Dad.

Candice likes Jon. You can tell because she has the look in her eyes every time he says the words "romantic getaway" or "baby please". However, I think the words "Candice, I just found a whole bunch of yarn" has the same effect on her.

April and Mom.

Beards: they grow on you.

Candice practices her active listening.

Eric practices his active listening.

Easy gents: April and DeAnna are no longer on market. Move along. Move along.