Fun with Faces: Portrait Edition

Franca and Barry had survived. The day after the wedding, the whole state of Connecticut took it easy. Even beavers took a holiday.

Franca and Barry took turns reminiscing about the good old days when they were just married. It seemed like only yesterday...

Max's bowl was perfectly manicured that morning. It could only mean one thing: Aunt Franca would pry for family photos.

Sean took a moment for a Sean rubber lizard portrait.

Sophia was crowned "Miss Scary Face 2010". It was a landslide victory.

She did a victory lap to celebrate.

We had many shots to get just the right scary face Max portrait.


I think they really came together during the freestyle portrait posing event.

Yes, they are brothers.

This is what happens when you put a dancer on a pogo stick: a rendition of the nutcracker on one leg.

Passing the baton, Max prepared for his solo.

Dear Sophia in one of her more casual moments.

Max and sweet scooter portrait. This family was ready for action at all times.

Max gets his pogo groove on. Just bounce with him. Just bounce with him.

I may have been able to charm their four darling daughters, but Pietro and Dora was skeptical of the smooth-talking Slovian outside of the family ring.

I think it's only fitting that just before the actual portrait, Max had some last minute scary face wiped off of his cheeks.

The family is now complete.

Barry was officially the coolest new uncle addition into the family not only because he was a lot of fun, but because he brought a sidekick (me) that was also made into the family. Everyone was very warm and welcoming -- it was a great time.

Dora explained to me that I was now a part of her family too. There'sa only one way out of the family -- she hinted, pointing to the extra pair of cement shoes on the deck.

Sean was definitely my good buddy for the trip. He even gave me a parting gift of a sillyband that I now keep at my office desk.

After there was food and more food and lots of dessert before I finally had to leave for another wedding in Ohio. My work here was done.

And that's how Barry became a made man.