Fun with Faces: Pajama Edition

So Barry got married and Franca got Barry. I was crowned Best Man Ever and we all lived happily ever after. What does happily ever after look like? Well, let's ask Sophia and see what she has to say.

Franca's family was very welcoming when they invited Barry and sidekick (me) to join in their Di Tommaso family events. First, there was the ritualistic spinning of the youngest cousin. Max streamlined himself for extra dizzy.

Franca had a good day.

Olivia... well, didn't exactly make the football team this year.

However, she does bust more moves than Lady Gaga on a hot plate.

I'll let Sean break it down.

Rocking out is hard work. Particularly when you have a sweet new spy watch. Synchronize... now!

Max and Sophia take a ride to catch flies.

This is roughly about the time when the scary face competition began full swing.

Happy holidays from the kids.

Sean and Olivia made a strong finish. These weren't just short-sprint scary faces -- these went the distance.

Sophia also does bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate parties, and wedding anniversaries.

Max is only adorable for family and teachers -- for now.

Sean and Olivia teamed up for a scary face reunion duet.

They are sisters, in case you were wondering.

This was their idea. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Franca couldn't believe how successful the mining operation was. Only one miner got trapped.

They keep going, and going, and going...

...and going. Olivia just got her scary face driver's license recently. The scary face maneuverability test was no problem.

She did, however, lose two points for her scary face parallel parking. She accidentally let it slip into how much fun they all had while being together.

And Barry said, "Let the Demchaks and the Di Tommasos under the sky be gathered to one place, and let family appear." And it was so. And Barry saw that it was good.