Thanksgiving 2006 at Niehaus's

Thanksgiving in Long Beach!

Deb's long-time friend Anne invited us to her sister's house for Thanksgiving, so we drove to fight LA traffic. Fortunately, traffic was well behaved and we managed to arrive just on time early-afternoon.

After an introduction to the Neihaus clan, Chrissy, our excellent hostess and soon-to-be-mother set Deb and Anne and I up on their neighbor's sitting area. Not bad for Long Beach on a hazy day:

What a classy guy:

Next to the neighbor's sitting area was the neighbor's porch:

The father-in-waiting and his sister take a stab at the turkey:

New toy forgot the flash. Still, thanksgiving dinner was just as delicious as it was pretty. I'll refrain from the stuffing jokes, which was a bit on this thick side. Still good though:

Anne in foreground always has a witty quip for the situation:

Mr. Niehaus sure likes his football:

Have to work off those thanksgiving pounds with a healthy set of pull-ups:

Who does thanksgiving pull-ups!?

Walking off those holiday pounds, we headed up the hill farther to watch the evening sky:

Looking off the hill to urban areas:

The kindest Niehaus clan includes Jeannie, on the far right, who has her own ferret and is going to school for acupuncture and Chinese massage:

Mr. Niehaus sure likes his football:

The outlook we looked out:

On a fellow Cleveland fan, the sun always shines:

Oil and fire don't mix: