Rootinest Tootinest Shootinest

Someday we will be invaded by communist concentric circles. Red circles surrounded by black and white socialist circles. They are coming and we must fear them. Our only defense are guns and lots of them. Richard invited us out to shoot some in his collection. John proved that he could gut a red circle at 50 yards.

Richard also had a pocket cannon. Apparently it's a black powder rifle that requires as much planning and preparation as an entire game of billiards. The balls it fires are the size of cue balls, too. Notice the double triggers. It is a very forgiving gun -- you have to give it the finger twice before it goes off.

With lazy shooting, there's a chair, and a bench and a brace to steady the gun for you. There's also bumpers and everyone get trophies even if you don't hit anything. We opted out of the bumpers and trophies. Richard is quite the amazing shot. If you think looks can kill, just check his look while you stand down the barrel.

Sniper John. He can't hear you. He's focused. Shootinest.