Riding Shotgun with Alex

Traps are coming. Forget what you've heard of zombies and aliens and communism. The real threat to our national security is the day when undead clay pigeons come hurling away from us. That's how they trick you before engorging on brains. These traps are a clear and present danger, along with the sick underground movement to support them. While it is currently illegal to shoot such "trapeze", it is very legal to shoot the clay pigeons. Alex's new shotgun is the weapon of choice for these little space invaders.

Project 2000 is a top secret government research facility based on Roswell technologies. The Project 2000 Shooting Range has fostered a generation of self-terminating traps used for training purposes. The kamikaze traps are released from an underground bunker and hurl into the dirt mound. It is our job to shoot them before they reach their target.

Up against Alex, a trap has a longer survival rate getting jammed in the launcher than in the air.

He is bred to be a soldier of war. Given the option, he would also elect to travel back in time to save your childhood self from a Terminator, too.

Near the top and center there is a yellow enemy disc. It is headed for the New York City of dirt mounds.

Alex kept the city mound safe by blasting the clay pigeon into dozens of safe fragments. Nearly four out of every five met the same fate.

Alex will only cease firing after all traps are destroyed. After 25 consecutive rounds, the training facility celebrates a mock unconditional surrender from the chief trap. Only then does Alex stop to dust off.

Against impossible odds, he took the low ground. Traps be damned.

Every station has a closed-circuit satellite communication link to the researchers below. Speaking into the microphone releases the traps. Unfortunately, cursing into the microphone after missing your first shot leads to a slippery slope of traps flying faster than you can reload. We clearly weren't ready for the invasion yet. That is why we train.

At the center of the image is a clay pigeon. The target has been acquired. Alex received the command to fire at will.

Here you can actually see the spray of shots attacking the pigeon. Just lower and left of the pigeon you can see a blurred V in pursuit of the target.

A successful kill, quality assured.

It was all in a day's work.

Every American, young and old, must do their part. Uncle Sam want you -- or in the case of these older gentlemen, Grandpa Sam.