New York Day 3

I sit excited now to write about for all practical purposes our last day in New York, as we left quite early Sunday morning, for these pictures are among the best I've taken. The morning happened like clockwork only today we weren't going to visit Manhattan. Instead, we were going to stick to Brooklyn and enjoy the day with Leslie and Odin.

First stop was Odin's sunglasses drawer. We were headed into some of the trendiest places in New York, and without a pair of stylish sunglasses, we wouldn't stand a chance. Deb and I picked out fashion protection and the four of us left the apartment to a secret brunch place Odin knew about.

Unfortunately, it was closed. We went to a backup brunch place a few blocks down. It was equally barred. A third choice was open yet thriving, so we'd have to wait. This was my second encounter with trendsetters:Deb and I had run into several the night before taking the subway back from Manhattan. Those wore sweatshirts with suit coats. Baggy tight jeans. This woman was a sample of what was to come:

Odin knows food after working as a waiter in New York for a decade plus or minus. Alternatives were on the horizon, so we walked a few more blocks. On the way, some nice razor wire:

Odin and Leslie: a couple's couple:

The graffiti in this area helped light the way for trendsetters. Much of the abandoned industrial buildings gave way to artist studios. Those artists needed to eat, so artsy restaurants began to spring up, and soon followed artsy music stores and artsy fashion stores. Thus the trendsetters had invaded western Brooklyn on building at a time. You can see the graffiti for Billy:

A diner with a long wait, but a imposter line of motorcycles in the front. Image:

We cut across another couple alleys for more restaurants. On top of a building we saw two stuffed mannequins that we at first thought were real people. Once realized, we figured the two dogs resting next to them were also fake on the rooftop. Odin proved us wrong by riling up the dogs into frenzy. We were dying:

At a window of another long line, Deb and I sport our glasses. The trendies would never take us alive:

A moment with Mary and doe:

A good, solid New York entrance:

We finally found a place that offered brunch and seating, although the service was apparently negotiable. Out front a scooter rivaled Deb's in coolness:

They offered enclosed or outdoor seating. Odin mistakenly let me decide, and I had no problem freezing outside in the late-morning shade: particularly with these classy gentlemen in the foreground fantasizing about loafer footsy:

Where we ate, the patio had two bathtubs that served as flower beds:

Having seen some of Manhattan from the water's edge, the four of ventured inland to Williamsburg. A corner on the way:

A trendi. Walking like a glass doll behind her shut eyes:

Beneath a record store window:

A line of New York trash receptacles:

This cake was too sexy to eat, back in the 1920's….

Williamsburg is considered by some to be the capital of the trendsetters. A building side:

Carl doesn't like gimmicks:

The second most darling couple in New York that weekend (we let them relinquish their crowns when we boarded the airplane back to San Diego):

This isn't sketch at all:

Ah, you noticed the shoes hanging from the power lines too two pictures up. I just had to get a closer look to figure what fish was caught on the line:

This could be my favorite of the year. I call it "Two fatal adapters":

Little clouds looking like leaves on an empty tree:

Much better graffiti:

More Williamsburg while Deb and Leslie shop:

Again, here are more trendsetters. The latest craze in New York is for women to navigate without opening their eyes. The second in a series:

Tell her you like her jacket (it's new!):

Moving like a chess knight, two over and one forward:

After we shopped we went to see the Brooklyn bridge with more friends. Intriguing restaurants in any frame that will fit a grill and salad. The bath was actually stored in a converted greenhouse:

Code for "I Like Snacks":

Cameras adjust lighting all the time to account for motion and contract and focal points. Nothing ever turns out the way my eyes actually see it, except for this picture. I've looked at this one for several minutes now absolutely assured that this is precisely what I saw. I can remember, looking at this, where Deb stood talking on her cell phone while I harassed her with the camera a bit while the Leslie and Odin crew waited down by the bus stop for the bus. This is what was:

I look for fun with windows now. A light and a crosswalk sign fit perfectly in perspective:

After our bus ride we walked towards the bridge to meet up with more weary travelers. The woods were under construction:

A car so fast it made Leslie blurry:

While the sun was setting in Brooklyn heights we watched the financial district of Manhattan. Luckily one or two came out:

Well, apparently two:

We were starving, but also sober. Priorities won out and we stopped at a bar still themed from Halloween. Again, I would rave how the interior was unlike anything I'd ever seen, but without pictures I could just be making it up. Take my word: Odin knows a good environment for a solid beer.

On the way, a carousal in a cage:

We all took the subway back up to near Leslie and Odin's place where we ate for all practical purposes comfort food with a trendy twist. I had lamb and Deb had some pretty good chicken while the mass of us watched Betty Boop cartoons from the projector. The bathrooms we were also unique in that each was just a bare stall, and a large troft of a sink supposed two people to wash together as bubbles glistened in the sink full of marbles. I wondered at what point a New Yorker ceases to be amazed with their city…

That night we dented a few bottles of wine before climbing onto their roof for an amazing view of downtown. Careful not to fall 4 stories of plummeting, the view was incredible as I held Deb close, looking out to the millions of lights, and Odin having Leslie in a headlock. Romance comes in all forms.

I know I want to go back with my favorite guide.