Desk Day and The Meat River Day 2

Candice makes french toast on a Saturday morning and I'm kicking and screaming. She twisted my arm and punched me in the shoulder until I'd eat delicious french toast. I'm clearly the victim here.

After significant shipping mishaps from the supplier, my desk finally returned to San Diego and now sits assembled and pristine. Yea, that game controller is just clutter... it has no business at all on a perfectly productive new desk...

This is now where I sit and write. There's a fold out keyboard tray. This is super desk.

Candice is also a carnivore, so when she said that she had never been to Brazilian BBQ, I was stunned. She was very excited as the meat men came from table to table sporting a multitude of skewered cow, pig, lamb, and hump of zebus. The dammed gates of the meat river crumbled.

No more, she cried. After an hour of filet and bacon and steaks she finally threw in the white flag. We felt gross for days after... but it was worth it!

I did special order chicken hearts for Candice to try even AFTER she gave up. She had to try everything on the menu and the waiter was determined that she enjoy it. He waited for her to try it in case she wanted the entire skewer for herself. Unfortunately, she did not. Nice job for trying, however.

With thematic dancers and an alcohol cage, live piano and cow hides draped on the walls, I'm sure this will not be an experience she will ever forget.

There was a light rain and we felt pretty gross to go out drinking, but we did walk some of the gaslamp area to complete the downtown tour.

It was fun watching Candice change colors as we walked through the rest of the city blocks. Hey Candice, how about we eat more food at this great restaurant. She turned green. Hey Candice, can you smell that roasted garlic coming from the delicious Italian restaurant? She held her breath until blue. Hey Candice, why aren't you hungry. Hey Candice. Hey Candice! After she turned red and steam came out of her ears I knew when to run...