Animals in the Cage and on the Streets Day 6

Today we went to the world famous San Diego zoo. I need to add the words "world famous" in case you haven't heard of it, in which case you apparently are not well versed in the world of zoo. Sometimes, you just have to ruffle some feathers to get things done. This is an example.

"Well I just don't think she loves me anymore. I know she says he's just a friend, but when I caught them both in the bird bath..."

Awkward silence.

I think flamingos actually just have orange and pink blood that rushes to their heads.

Ms. Universe, Flamingo, 2005. The years have not been good to the old girl.

I think of all the animals, we should next domesticate hyenas. They're in the same suborder as cats, travel in packs like dogs, and would open an entire new command list to trainers globally. Sit. Good hyena. Roll over. Good hyena. Laugh. Good hyena. Devour graves. Well, um... good. Go back to sitting.

I don't know why I was surprised to see a smaller meerkat. Everyone has to make cutbacks. Smaller meerkats eat less food. It's a cost reduction.

Having just read The Cay, Timothy Meerkat protects the junior from the harsh San Diego storm.

If only they made meersleds, this hill would be a lot more enjoyable.

All eyes were focused on the latest debates regarding health care for immigrants. I don't think they realized that although imported, meerkats do not count as immigrants.

A pessimistic antelope. It's a can't-elope.

Candice was happy to see many kinds of animals they don't have in Cleveland, but she was most impressed by the dancing elephants. The cafe to the right had island music on a loop, and the elephants didn't seem to mind. They would sway their heads to the rhythm. Cleveland elephants don't dance. It's more of a club bump and grind that no one wants to see.

She bought art! There's now a nice floral print in Candice's house somewhere that was painted or photographed or digitally manipulated by a San Diego artist. Both were big smilers today.

We had 10 minutes to check out the botanical garden in the iron enclosure. We walked around shortly before the 7-minute warned was aired. Soon you only had 5 minutes to visit the garden. The guard was particularly precise with his duties. I think he had yet to feed the carnivorous plants, and no one would want to see him feed a goat to these teacups.

Let's go out for a night, we decided. Normal Heights it was for pizza and coffee and maybe a show at Lestat's coffee and concert hall. First, pizza. They weren't quite finished with the interior for the restaurant. They did have mood lighting. Candice's mood was anger.

Her delicious slice of goat plop pizza. Mmm.

All you need to sell pizza.

After crouching inside on the backless couches for our hot drinks, Candice and I made it out onto the patio where we could sit and listen to the bands for free. It was a very philosophical evening, particularly when public places are littered with people not being public.

Apparently, there is a funny joke in psychological circles regarding "normality". The fact that this borough claimed the height of such tripe was even funnier to her.

Handmade tacos aired the sidewalk just half a block away, but somehow we fought the urge and kept our seats. The bands weren't that great, but it was nice to be out people. Anyone driving by must of thought of us as one of the gang. We were trendy by proximity.

Late in the evening we finally headed back. We earned this day.