Squirrel Break

Oh, Saturday. After a week of immeasurable productivity I had so many plans for you. Of all the things I'm supposed to be doing, I'd rather not. I couldn't even find a good reason. The camera came along for a walk on the western ledge of Balboa park where I have never walked. Apparently, other people had the right idea for a Saturday afternoon.

Even children don't know how to play with a modern art tent.

For that "I'm tanning in the mountains" feeling, search no further.

A personal note to dad -- Dad, I found somewhere else in the world that has screwed up gravity. Your pear and oak trees are not alone.

After a dry summer and plenty of rain this season, all San Diegoans need to get their fill of rampart chlorophyll.

Even squirrels take time to smell the flowers.

A breath of fresh air.

Oh this one smells darling.

Sniff sniff. They were actually eating the nectar. Some plants need a good lick, too.

This was Amelio Enchardez. He was one of the great player on the 2002 Aeropostale athletic department team. I have his rookie card... autographed... naturally.

These houses can see the trees, but not before the trees seem them first. Tree vision is the latest eye-opening technology.

If you look closely you can see where I nestled under the bed of flowers.

These high rises, like the palm trees, are not indigenous to the city of San Diego. They were imported.

There's nothing like a walk in the park to get you motivated to then develop your pictures and write things about those pictures and post them online rather than doing your work. Yay park!