Down the Coast to Mexico Day 1

Candice is most at home in the country. We obviously had to have our first Californian breakfast at the Mission in Mission Beach for the best cinnamon toast ever. Candice also filled up on rosemary potatoes and beef. After gassing up Candice will a full tank of coffee we walked near the beach. The tractor was preparing the sand for a seeder soon to follow, ready to plant attractive persons on the sand for another beach season.

After 5 years, Candice is in California on a mission: where did palm trees come from? Why are there so many small hills? Are there lobsters in the ocean? Who's that? Why is she purple? There would be no sleeping...the world was happening and Candice wanted to know!

Candice passed her introduction to dentistry course with flying colors. She was eager to help the tiki wall.

She also liked Ocean Beach. The odd antique shops and vintage hipsters was quite a change from farm folk frequenting the Bass Pro Shop.

The top side of the pier was closed for maintenance today. We decided to walk on the bottom of the pier instead. Too bad Candice did not bring her moon shoes. This is as far as we got.

She was fairly overwhelmed by all of the blue. The clear skies and the ocean was a sharp contrast to the corn and trees and lawns in Ohio. We walked out the shallow cliffs where sea greenery held on tightly. Candice was again among her kind: she rocks.

Greetings from California!

I couldn't convince her to stand out deeper towards the end of the cliff. A wave gave away my surprise.

A sad man who has no piers.

Candice's first reaction: ha ha! A phone! Hello, I'm talking to someone. Candice's second reaction: ew, there was something sticky on the phone. Gross.

After no less than three u-turns, we said hi to the ocean and downtown San Diego from Cabrillo Park.

Downtown said hi back.

This is the making of a Candice joke. The sign explains a plant rehabilitation zone. A psychologist would find that funny.

We drove through Coronado and the Silver Strand and even down to the gates of Mexico. That was close enough for both of us. We drove back north through Hillcrest and the Gaslamp district downtown to give the full flavor of urban life in the city. While we stopped for diet soda at a Ralphs grocery store we witnessed an old lady plowing her small car under a large, lifted black truck repeatedly. After we were ran off the road by a double-length bus, Candice had a new found appreciation for defensive driving.