Up a Creek

This fall I was to visit the great Mississippi River. When specifically? I had no idea. The Texas State fair ran for a couple weeks at the end of September and early October... so sometime then. But being introduced to the infamous fence in the yard the separates the midwest from the other midwest would be a major introduction. I would work my way up. First, I stared at the water flowing out of the kitchen sink. Then the water features near my condo. I worked my way up to the San Diego River as it passes through Santee. This isn't the river in whole, but some of it is fed from urban runoff and sewage spills.

The small trail had few insights to the water on the other side as 10' cattails barricaded the water for their own use.

Orange dragonfly.

Well, as far as parks go, this wasn't bad. It was tucked between too many housing complexes like anything appreciable in San Diego (this is the land, but they get the view). Surprisingly, the trees and high foliage made for a nice Eden escape in the middle of somewhere.

It's not exactly like fish in a barrel, but the fish admittedly didn't have far to run for food or safety.

The ignorance of trees -- I'm in nature.

Rambo was here. He let us live.

Ducks were fishing for minnows too.

No man is island, but how many can, reach water with roots, sound in ground and sand.

Shaggy cattails blowing cotton in the wind.


Late summer, the river doesn't river much. It doesn't run. It mostly just collects in pools and waits for winter to carry and flow. There wasn't much more upstream other than a bridge and blocked city water grounds.