With Dad and Renee and Kristen and Men

Why is April sitting pretty? Well, while the rest of the world has finished their Christmases punctually on December 26th, we still get more fun!

How much Christmas can you handle?

Trust me, Candice is just as surprised.

Candice and Renee.

Apparently Candice was so spent from other Christmasing that she couldn't tear through the paper or tape. Too bad she wasn't Scrooged -- there was in fact a present waiting for her inside.

This is the biggest sleeve ever. This year was a year of sleeves.

Both Dad and Renee had presents that were hints to their uberpresent lurking beneath the tree. The fun of the game here was to keep feeding them guess presents.

Renee wasn't sure she wanted any more hints.

Turtle, bread, and wine. April's hints.

"Oh, dear," says Renee.

Kristen gets Santa's bag direct.

Jon's multi-tool turned out quite useful against the holiday packaging.

The necklace was in fact decidedly Kristen.

Now all she needs is a torch.

My hint for the big present: oven-baked clay shaped into a pretzel.

Jon's present won both the hearts and minds of Renee. Yes, she has many. Apparently she loved the sole candle holder that was tall and cuboid and apparently just earlier had hoped there would be more of them available on the market. In a twist of fate, it would seem, there actually were fewer on the market because Jon got them a whole set of different heights.

That's the crown for best present to Renee.

Candice's antique duck bank. We're now having to crawl to the corners of both space and time to find ducks she does not have.

That's the crown and collar for best present to Renee.

The things he does for love.

Kristen's hint present was an oven mitt. Hrm.... theme?

Kristen's parasol.

Jon is apparently allergic to surprise.

Candice contributed a pig ornament to the guess pile. Dad and Renee had some serious shifting to do.

April tried to channel the spirits of presents past to guess that her newfound GPS was inside.

This is magnetic key holder. Next time someone gives you this without the original packaging and makes you guess by assuming that you can sense magnetic waves without any other hints you'll be able to guess that it is a magnetic key holder.


Come here children, I'm not scary.

Candice is tired of shaving in the shower. Now she can shave with her clothes on.

The big present. What could it be?

A brand new oven mitt! Oh, wait, no -- that was the Jerk and we did that already. It's a convection oven!

Candice is going to cold places this year to ice fish. I live in San Diego. I guess I don't understand.

A perfect holiday.