Warren Winter Day

Christmas Eve and a cloudless day in the otherwise cloudiest month of the year wouldn't spoil Santa's fare, but it did make for a great early present. These are the tracks we laid pushing the trailer for kayak travels. I, too, was to make tracks today.

Up Auburn Road.

I was aiming for Nelson Ledges, a series of caverns and namesake ledges that were probably frozen with icicles and a tasteful dusting of snow. Sadly, I missed. I ended up in Warren. Like Dave Grohl and Neil Armstrong before me, I was in Warren. This hapless river, too, wound up in Warren with me. We were in Warren together.

Snow was in Warren.

These trees were also natives to Warren. They had come from a long line of trees vaguely affiliated with the Warren area.

Below were scraps of a bicycle thrown from the bridge. Maybe a stunt gone wrong -- or a death faked. These were now to be in Warren too.

A small waterfall -- self titled.

An albatross to the tree, it died a little too.

I am in Warren. Hear my roar.

The people of Warren are very accepting.

Warren's sister city in red was kind enough to participate in a spa exchange program. Those in China are treated to cold calloused hands serving polish sausage with a talkative foot rub. They never had it so good.

Only in Warren can you hide a traffic cone where no one will find it: in Warren.

All roads lead to Warren.

The square downtown had two holiday houses. One was a gingerbread house. The other held a gateway to a parallel Warren not unlike the one I stood. People in parallel Warren are also very warm and accommodating.

Nutcrackers of all races were represented.

A beautiful day for a ride in the park.

The Warren crane monument.

What better way to secure funds than to hide your bank in the form of a bench. The squirrel took a break for lunch.

Down by the the riverside downtown.

The scope of Warren.

Mr. Thumm didn't know how else to capitalize on his extensive gear collection both large and small. Then, one day, it hit him.

Follow the lights and you'll find Warren. I did.

I'm not terribly sure what was being advertised. From what I could decode of the historic glyphs, it read something in Warren.

The rusty eagle union is headquartered in Warren. It's the county seat, after all.

Something, something, something... Warren.

Find love in Warren.

Find love in Warren.

Ask anyone, hot dogs are motivational.

Where swinging brings people together. This, actually, is a brilliant design to keep social swingers swinging together.

People and porches are an urban neighborhood concept mutated and regressed into suburban decks and sliding glass vistas. Support your local towns, buy a porch.

Who wouldn't want to sit on a porch and watch traffic pass? Anyone for counting blue cars?

The cloud cover turned into folds of ocean sand.

I finally did find the park actually tall with icicles and rocks bearing snow. The clouds had rolled and dimmed the lights. I kept driving home.