Samantha as a Pie Laborer Dance

Samantha contributed body, flow, and interpretation to a senior thesis production held during Phoenix's First Friday. The performance was held in Bragg's pie factory and her piece in particular performed some of the interpreted history of the two founding owners. Samantha played a pie factory worker. Although she did help disperse pie plates off of the table, I don't think she actually made any pies. She did make a lot of people applaud at the end of her contributing performance.


Fans watching the first solo performance of the night. It featured a dancer and flour.

Pie factory workers start working.

The "owners" on the right. The "workers" on the left.

A case of the Mondays: interpreted in dance form.

Samantha's right hand is an early riser, and the senior manager of the pie workers. It rules with fierce loyalty and fair strictness. Back to work, it cries.

The owners sit to hear about the third quarter earnings and grievances from the local union.

You can't even tell Samantha's left eye is twitching.

He shields her eyes from more pie in her eyes.

Union break -- nothing to do.

She helps with the assembly line.

Sometimes, work gets to be too much and you just want to throw your hands in the air and give up. When you also want to bang your head on something hard, try this.

She dodges shadows to do a lap around the performance space.

Lean back more... more... more... OK, that's enough.

Pie on the table. It happens to be uplifted arm pie. Buy two.

She strolls through the pie graveyard.

Having centipede teeth is not as cool as it sounds. Flossing is a nightmare.

Apparently, this young man would interpret things to such an extent that he would unabashedly steal the show. The choreographers had to bundle him in cellophane to keep him at bay. Near the end, Samantha and guest helped shed his clear cocoon. He is now a butterfly. Call your local library for details.

Horray Team. Nice pie day. Come back again tomorrow.

Simply darling.

Apparently the lady in red is a costume designer. I wasn't surprised either.