The River to Kimmswick Day 17, MO

In northern St. Louis, this is how you build a fence: massive cement mixer truck tanks holding up segments of steel railroad.

The fuzzy tuft of trees in the left-middle form the last separation between the Missouri River (left) and Mississippi River (right).

View from East St. Louis. No, East St. Louis does not actually resemble St. Louis in any form. The bridge to the left is Eads, the first and oldest to cross the river.

View downstream. Floating barges will actually be a theme on this trip.

The wilder shore of the Mississippi River is engorged with dead trees overtaken by ivy.

Apparently, he's not famous for what you'd think.

Doubters tremble: I'm not dead yet!

Kimmswick is an amazing rivertown with a rich history... and delicious home-made goodies from jams to cakes and pies to candies. The owner of the Blue Owl convinced me to spent the night nearby to have more goodies tomorrow morning. Something about her wanting to fatten me up. I agreed and spent the night in the cage while Gretel brought me more food. Yum.